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Are you curious about whether automated trading can be profitable?

We now present to you the advantages of the latest, award-winning, crypto and trader knowledge-free yield-generating tool!




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My name is Pooolse, I trade for you!

POOOLSE - "So that everyone can profit!"

The main goal of the Pooolse Project is to ensure that EVERYONE can benefit from the exceptional returns of the crypto market, including you - even if you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies and do not engage in their trading.

Historical profits

In the images above, you can see Pooolse's daily trading results within each calendar month.

You can check these on a daily basis through the bonuses credited in your Pooolse wallet. The trading performance largely depends on the movements of the crypto market, so more volatile market movements can contribute the most to higher trading results.


The combined solution of Pooolse and Tradensea received such positive feedback from the audience that at the 2023 Dubai Crypto Expo, Pooolse won two awards, while Tradensea won one:


POOOLSE - "Most Transparent Project" and "Crypto Project of the Year" overall.


Tradensea - "Most Innovative Crypto Project".

binance partner

Official Binance Partner

After a thorough two-month investigation, Binance not only granted permission for further operation but also included us in the "Binance Broker" members. 🚀

Our software's remarkable speed (12,000 transactions/sec) caught the attention.

Pooolse is powered by Treadensea, the world's fastest crypto trading BOT. If you don't want to bother with trading, but would enjoy the bonuses generated by the robot, we welcome you to our community.

Build long-term passive income!

Do you think Pooolse could be interesting for others as well?

Do you have a wide network of acquaintances or clients?

Pooolse rewards its users who can expand the user base of the platform. This is where the excellent Pooolse Affiliate Program comes in. All you need to do is register by clicking on the following link:

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