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My name is Pooolse, I trade for you!

POOOLSE - "Made for everyone, but not suitable for everyone!"

The main goal of the Pooolse Project is to ensure that EVERYONE can benefit from the outstanding yields of the crypto market, including you - even if you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies and do not engage in their trading.

About the platform

Pooolse monitors the crypto market, different time frames, and performs trading transactions (you don't need to provide any trading parameters). Using Pooolse is simple and understandable, and you can follow the daily yields in your Pooolse wallet every day.

The Pooolse project is nothing but an NFT project, but what is so special about it?

The value of Pooolse NFTs is entirely enhanced by the award-winning Tradensea engine set up by professional traders, through automatic trades with the amount of purchased NFTs until the value of the NFT reaches three times its original value - the daily yield is paid out daily to Pooolse users.

Pooolse is an excellent savings diversification tool, combining the characteristics of short-, medium-, and long-term savings. As a result of its outstanding yields, it represents a truly attractive alternative to traditional savings instruments, helping to protect your money from the devaluation caused by inflation!

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