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Dog-Themed Solana Meme Coin BONK Continues to Dominate Crypto Twitter

According to Decrypt, the dog-themed Solana meme coin, BONK, has continued its weeks-long monster streak, dominating discussions on Crypto Twitter. The coin has seen a 796% increase in the last month, according to CoinGecko. BONK's market capitalization has reached $1.758 billion, doubling since yesterday. The coin's success has boosted other projects in the Solana ecosystem, with Twitter users expressing their diehard support for the token. Richard Wu, co-founder of Solana NFT marketplace Tensor, referred to BONK as a 'religion.' The Solana community has been celebrating BONK's success, using it as evidence of Solana's superiority compared to other blockchains. Some users even claim that BONK has destroyed rival layer-2 blockchains with its power. However, BONK's influence may not be as powerful as some believe, as Ethereum scaling blockchain Arbitrum experienced an hour-long outage due to a surge in network activity.

source: Binance


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