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  • What is Tradensea?
    Tradensea is a crypto project of BRAUNIQ SOLUTION Kft., founded in 2014, currently employing 25 people. Website: Team:
  • What does the Tradensea crypto project entail and why was it created?
    The leadership of the company has been interested in the crypto world and related stock market trading since 2017 as private individuals. They wanted to automate this for those who have reached a certain level in trading but have a full-time job and do not have time to sit in front of a computer all day. That's why they created the Tradensea stock market trading robot.
  • Others also have trading robots, what makes this one different from the rest?
    Tradensea addresses problems that other robots do not, or only partially can solve. This is discussed in the 2021 edition of "100 Hungarian Inventions and Developments" publication: ( and also in the "Haszon Magazine" from 2023 (
  • But still, what are the main reasons?
    The trading robots known in the market: a. are too manually controlled, b. are, on the contrary, very automatic, c. lack sufficient safety features, making it easy to lose hard-earned capital. The main goal: with proper settings and using key indicators (e.g., RSI), to almost eliminate losses (the robot does not sell at a loss!), with safety functions that are intended for this purpose (e.g., stuck protection), and of course, to achieve as much profit as possible.
  • So, it seems that many people use the robot as a service?
    Igen és nem. Since this robot involves more than just pressing a red button and receiving profit until it's stopped, it is primarily used by those who have some understanding of trading and know what they are doing. This is a sort of requirement. They subscribe to the Tradensea monthly fee system. However, many unfortunately only use the free DEMO version because: a. they are afraid of losing their capital, b. they don't have the time to deal with the settings, c. they lack the proper trading knowledge to set it up, d. the system is too complex for some, considering convenience factors.
  • Does the trading robot operate securely? If I use it, will I not lose my money?
    Since the robot primarily trades on Binance - the world's largest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange (now OKX exchange is also available) - its source code has been vetted by Binance's development team, and the project has received the Binance Broker certification. As of December 31, 2022, only 221 companies worldwide have this certification.
  • If you're interested in making a profit and like this development but don't have the time, inclination, etc., to trade with the robot, what could be the solution?
    Many users registered on the Tradensea website and reached the DEMO interface but did not use the product in real trading. Often, the company received feedback that users wanted an "automatic" trading robot managed and strategies updated by professional traders. After all, who knows the product better than its own developers? This realization at Tradensea led to the creation of the Pooolse project.
  • What is Pooolse?
    Pooolse is a project that operates the Tradensea trading robot, using the experience accumulated since 2017 to trade with the buyer's capital and generate profit, without the buyer needing to manage the robot - this is done by the Tradensea development team! For more information: The company pools the deposited amounts from buyers into three different pools equipped with various trading strategies, thus trading with a sophisticatedly calibrated risk distribution.
  • How will this generate money for me?
    On the Pooolse website, you can purchase NFTs of different face values. (For more about NFTs, see Let's call these "packages" in this context. They can be purchased with USDT. The packages (which include a 10% administrative fee) are: 55 USDT; 110 USDT; 550 USDT; 1100 USDT; 5500 USDT; 11000 USDT It's important to have a Binance registration and an adequate amount of USDT, as the purchase process is done via Binance Pay! The robot trades with the capital from the purchased NFT until the profits from the trades triple it. There is no time limit. Practically, this means that a buyer purchases an NFT worth 1000 USDT. The robot will trade with this 1000 USDT capital until the bonus value reaches 3000 USDT, which belongs to you, the NFT owner.
  • Is it possible to purchase multiple NFTs of different face values? When does trading start with the capital of my purchased NFT?
    Yes, you can purchase any number of NFTs at any face value. The trading process is entered into the system by 0:00 (GMT+2) at the latest after the NFT purchase agreement is made, and trading begins on that calendar day. Example: If we purchase the NFT on Monday at 21:00, then trading already starts by Tuesday at 0:00. On Wednesday, the first NFT switches to Running status, and by 2:00 at the latest, the first bonus is credited to the account.
  • Good, but then does the robot trade with all my NFTs at once?
    Yes and no. Let's consider an example where you purchased 3 NFTs, each valued at 1000 USDT: This example demonstrates that only 1 NFT is active on the account at a time, but the system also trades with the value of the other NFTs. Pooolse allocates the profit to the primary NFT in every case, thereby striving to reach the withdrawable profit in the shortest possible time.
  • Why is it beneficial for me to purchase multiple NFTs?
    Because an active NFT in the first example typically reaches three times its value in a third of the time it would take for a single NFT purchase.
  • If I have made a return and do not want to withdraw the bonuses using Binance Pay, but would like to purchase additional NFTs to achieve larger bonuses, can I do that? Can this also work on the principle of compound interest?
    IGEN és IGEN. Can it be set in the system to automatically purchase another NFT at the same face value. And another one. Etc. This way, the system trades with more capital, so the bonus will be larger, and the profit generation period can also be shorter. It must not be forgotten that this will also increase the risk.
  • How long will it take for my NFT purchase to pay off, and how long will it take for my NFT's value to triple?
    Based on past trading results (from 2021 onwards), this is estimated to take approximately two years. However, remember: Past trading performance is not a guarantee for the future!
  • If the value of the NFT has tripled and it has entered a closed status, what can I do with it?
    If you have tripled the value of your NFT, your bonus rights related to that specific NFT will cease.
  • Okay, but why is this beneficial for the company? Obviously, they are not doing it for free!
    Correct. Indeed, it's not free. For example, the profit earned from 1000 USDT is distributed as follows: 60% goes to the buyer as a bonus 15% is allocated to participants in the referral program 25% is retained by the company for development, operations, profit, and transaction costs
  • How does the payout process work? Can I only access my money after it has tripled?
    NO! There are DAILY payouts (Following the NFT purchase (T), on the T+2 calendar day, both trading results and relevant bonuses become available on the Pooolse website and within the Pooolse app.), the only condition being that if the money in your account reaches the minimum withdrawable amount of 50 USDT, you can then transfer it to Binance using Binance Pay (here you will need the Binance User ID). But you can do this as 100 USDT, 1000 USDT, etc.
  • Yes, there is an affiliate program?
    If you like the project, the returns, and the team, Pooolse would appreciate it if you recommend the project. If someone registers on the Pooolse website using your referral code, then half of the management fee (10%) is immediately credited to your balance. For a 1000 USDT NFT package, this means 50 USDT, which immediately appears in your account on the Pooolse site. In addition, you will CONTINUOUSLY receive a share of the referral bonuses generated by the robot. This brings you an extra income! Furthermore, you benefit not only from the bonus earned by the customer who registered with your referral link, but also from the levels below them! To do this, you need to own NFTs of a specified value!
  • Is the system sustainable? What is the source of payment for the affiliate partners?
    Affiliate partners receive two types of bonuses: An instant bonus based on the value of NFTs purchased by their direct referrals (Level 1), which the company pays out from the 10% management fee charged during the NFT purchase. This bonus constitutes 50% of the management fee. They also receive a bonus from the profit generated by the robot, specifically from the 40% that is the company's share (as mentioned in point 17). From this, the company pays 15% to the partners. Thus, Pooolse retains 25% for development, operation, and profit.
  • How do I know that the robot is actually trading?
    Users can access real-time trade tracking features on the Pooolse website and mobile application (currently, only the standard website is accessible on mobile, as the apps are under development). This feature allows users to monitor the trades executed by the bot. - The platform continuously displays the last 12 trades conducted by the bot. This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To protect the integrity of the trading process and prevent unauthorized copying or intervention in the bot's operation, the trade tracking information is delayed by 60 seconds.
  • Where can the Pooolse & Tradensea Team be reached?
    The company and its representatives can be reached at the registered headquarters in Hungary, and they also have a separate support team.
  • Does Pooolse use the same robot as the one with which Tradensea users trade?
    Yes and no. The foundation of the robot is the well-known Tradensea trading robot. However, the Pooolse robot runs on a completely separate, duplicated server with a brand new trading strategy that is not accessible to Tradensea users, updated daily (if necessary) by the expert trading team at Tradensea. This special strategy is not available to the general public because it requires a very high computational capacity, and currently, this capacity is allocated exclusively to Pooolse. The main goal: to ensure continuous and profitable operation 24/365!
  • I went to the website and I see that I can only register with a referral code?
    YES! Use so you can support us in continuing to bring the latest news about the Pooolse project!
  • Has the Pooolse project been evaluated or tested somewhere? Where does it stand currently?
    On September 21, 2023, the Tradensea team's both projects won awards at the 2023 Dubai Crypto Expo: Tradensea – Most Innovating Crypto Project; Pooolse – Most Transparent Project, Project of the year 2023. Additionally, on September 21, 2023, the first NFT sales commenced, and within three days, the first profits were realized. Since then, the trading robot has been actively operating, demonstrating visible profit every single day. Moreover, the number of customers has been dynamically increasing day by day.
  • On the regular financial market, I often only get 8% interest on my money. How can my bonus be so high in just a few years, or in extreme cases, a few months? This seems too good to be true! Isn't this risky?
    Although tripling the value of an NFT purchase is possible in a much shorter time than in the regular financial market, success usually requires a well-thought-out strategy, a suitable trading robot, experienced traders, and a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market. In the world of cryptocurrencies, exaggerated claims and promises of quick wealth accumulation are common. Be cautious with signals or individuals on social media who promise immediate or guaranteed profits. The cryptocurrency market can be extremely volatile and unpredictable. Pooolse provides a platform for users to participate in the crypto market and potentially earn bonuses. However, the success of trading, and the cryptocurrency market in general, depends on several factors, including market conditions, trading strategies, and risk management. Pooolse offers users the opportunity to earn bonuses from their NFT purchases, but it is essential to have realistic expectations and a medium-term perspective. Success in crypto trading requires time, commitment, as well as learning and improving trading strategies. And a lot of practice. Pooolse takes the burden of these complex processes off your shoulders.
  • What do I need if I want to buy an NFT?
    What do I need if I want to buy an NFT? Registration on the website with a real email address. A referral code. Use the referral code of the person from whom you learned about the Pooolse project! Registration on An adequate amount of USDT in your Binance account. A decision on which NFT/NFTs you want to purchase…
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